Police secure a perimeter after a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY. (Joshua Bessex/AP)

Grady Lewis, a witness to the Buffalo shooting, said he was outside the Tops market when he started hearing gunshots.

“I heard a gunshot that I knew was a gunshot and not a firecracker. I looked up and I seen smoke. Then I seen a guy in a full Army suit just shooting shots at people. I seen a security guard run in the store, then I seen the guy go in, Army-style, bent over, just shooting at people. I heard him shooting at people and I saw three people laying down. And I didn’t have a phone on me so I was just screaming for somebody to call the police and then he came out,” Lewis told Buffalo’s WKBW.

“He put the gun to his head, to his chin. Then he dropped it and he took off his bulletproof vest, and then got on his hands and knees and put his hands behind his back and they arrested him,” he said.

It took police less than two minutes to arrive at the scene, he said.

“I heard at first and saw seven or eight gun-smoke shots. When he went inside, I heard at least 20 or so shots, but I couldn’t really tell because I was yelling and screaming myself for somebody to call the police. So he went in there shooting,” he said. “… I’m still kind of [shaken] up.”

His aunt was inside the store, Lewis said.

“I still don’t even believe it happened,” he said.

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